Theological Foundations-Extra Credit Oct. 7th

Theological Foundations-Extra Credit Oct. 7th - important...

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At tonight’s presentation we heard from John W. O'Malley. Mr. O’Malley began with explaining how Catholics understand what the Pope is. “The keys to the kingdom of heaven” were given to Peter; the Pope has these same guidelines. The Popes no longer wrote reflections much like they did in the older days; this has changed because of different generations. These “shifting” times changed the rules and way to lead for the Popes. In this modern world the Pope must travel the world in order to keep the Catholic Church alive. O’Malley commented on the fact that he focused most of his academic career with reform movements from the Church. He believed that many of these changes have been
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Unformatted text preview: important, yet many are unimportant. The individual leaders of the Church don’t have any say on these laws, which doesn’t help keep members of local Churches happy. After this, I will not lie… I was lost. He was directly quoting from his book and I didn’t understand many things he discussed. Going through the history was interesting but it was just very hard to keep up with what was going on. - People elected leaders to help out the city; the city and the officials Bishops of the early Roman Empire voted them in. (democracy) - Arian Christians-...
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