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History Final Paper

History Final Paper - Final History Paper America is known...

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Final History Paper 12/07/09 America is known as a melting pot society , it has a large variety of nationalities , personal backgrounds , and different insights about American history . Due to the low basic achievement levels in high school regarding American history were , Fifty-three percent of the nation’s high school seniors scored below levels concerning significant historical knowledge and analytical skills ,” a mandate is being put in place to read and converse about American History . In order to choose a suitable book for those of voting age , Howard Zinn author of A People’s History of the United States and Paul Johnson author of A History of the American People ”, the main arguments need to be closely analyzed and debated for what would be the best for America . Howard Zinn believes History has been written by those who are in charge ( Ben Franklin ). Zinn’s main argument is to examine and defend the lives of those who have been oppressed . Paul Johnson believes that America is a leading , individual country . Johnson’s main argument expresses and reflects what a beautiful country America is and how it is a great place . In deciding which book to use for the mandate , Howard Zinn provides a basis for a national conversation because American's who are currently or previously oppressed can relate and be given a voice about their past/presents , leading to further discussion of American History and a better understanding for it . Howard Zinn’s argument is important for understanding the nature of the American past and how it relates to the present because it gives oppressed American’s a
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voice now when they did not have one in the past . One of the most oppressed part of American society would be slavery . Howard Zinn tackles the subject with quotes , diary entries , and personal insights of what slavery was in the eyes of those who were actually slaves .
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