History Workshop #6

History Workshop #6 - Workshop #6 Revised Throughout...

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Workshop #6 Revised Throughout history, there have been many famous debates and topics that are debated. During this time, Abolitionists and Anti-Abolitionists are some of the most known and documented debates yet. Letters by abolitionists in the 1860s, demanded after further review of the Constitution, that it never specified who has rights, furthermore, slaves have equal rights to America citizens and this leads to ongoing debate in America at the time. Fredrick Douglass’ “The Constitution of the United States: Is it proslavery or Anti slavery?” stated that the Constitution never declared an exact race which was “created equal”. Abolitionists viewed the Constitution without the history and ancestry of slaveholding families, they viewed it with a new perspective. Douglass was raised as a slave, yet was illegally taught to read and write. After escaping from his masters he became a loud voice in the abolitionist movement and wrote “the North Star” newspaper, which published articles about equal opportunities. “{Many Americans} are in the habit
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History Workshop #6 - Workshop #6 Revised Throughout...

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