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History- Notes on Zinn pgs. 39-58

History- Notes on Zinn pgs. 39-58 - Jamestown were being...

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1. People of mean ad vile condition a. Bacon’s Rebellion i. Began with the conflict on how to deal with the Indians b. Frontier i. The white males who went to the frontier were used as a bumper to protect the East from invasion ii. Attacks on the people caused high taxes due to war and unclear of who to kill iii. The givernor of Virginia wanted peace with the Indians but couldn’t control Bacon iv. Bacon took his supporters and started to mass kill all the Indians. v. After Bacon died the rebellion ended. c. Thomas Grantham i. Lied to the rest of the rebellion trying to disarm them ii. He promised freedom in order for them to put down their weapons iii. Then turned his guns against them and took them back to their masters. iv. 23 Rebel leaders were hung. d. Oppression in Virginia i. Frontiersmen who were being the bumper to the elite of
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Unformatted text preview: Jamestown were being taxed high. ii. England had a chokehold on taxes and supplies iii. Those of Bacon’s Rebellion were the poor and beggers iv. Those caught begging could be beaten and b sent to workhouses. e. House of Burgesses i. 1 st representation assembly in America 1619 ii. Contracts were made for master/slaves. iii. Slaves weren’t able to enforce anyrights of the contract. iv. Servants were beaten, died, and being brought by the 1000s. v. Children were being used as well from the streets of England. f. Slaves i. Not allowed to marry ii. No fair trails for death or damage to slaves iii. Uprising became a large problem with the population iv. Servants were dead if they had an uproar, to the extent of their masters permission v....
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History- Notes on Zinn pgs. 39-58 - Jamestown were being...

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