Nutrition Final - Running head NUTRITIONAL AND EXERCISE...

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Running head: NUTRITIONAL AND EXERCISE PLANS 1 Nutritional and Exercise Plans Kim Morton SCI/241 October 17, 2010 Jinan Banna
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NUTRITIONAL AND EXERCISE PLANS 2 Nutritional and Exercise Plans Have you ever thought that you want to be healthier and lose weight? I feel that I am 30 pounds overweight and it is causing me to have back problems and to be less motivated. I am not necessarily eating as healthy as I should be and this is what is causing me to be overweight. The foods that I cook and what I eat, I don’t want my family to be affected by my choices but I realized that they are affected 100 percent. In order for me to watch out for my family’s needs and to keep them healthy, I need to incorporate healthier foods and diets to make sure they stay healthy and do not become overweight with me. The first nutritional goal I would like to incorporate into our lives is less fatty foods and replacing it with healthier snacks with less sugar. We would eat three meals a day that would include all the nutritional food groups in them, and at the correct measurements. The first physical exercise goal we would incorporate into our daily lives would be to take walks around our neighborhood for a half an hour after each meal that we eat. The second nutritional goal would have to be cutting out candy and sugary drinks. With us cutting out candy and sugary drinks and replacing them with water and milk, we will be able to stay healthy and lose weight at the same time. The second physical exercise goal would be to get a gym membership. We would go to the gym three to four times a week to build muscle and to do cardio. This will help our lung capacity and keep the fat falling off. If I incorporate these goals into our lives we will be able to complete the weight loss plan and be healthier. The reason I came up with two nutritional goals and two physical exercise goals instead of four of either one is because you can’t have just nutritional goals to lose weight you have to incorporate exercise too in order to get where you want to go. You have to stay
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Nutrition Final - Running head NUTRITIONAL AND EXERCISE...

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