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Chapter One INTRODUCTION 1.0. Background of the study The main purpose of this research is to analyse the employees’ relation and organisational performance. Marriott Heathrow Hotel is taken as a case study to support this research with the focus on factors which makes working condition, job satisfaction and dissatisfaction and performance level better in this hotel and in general also. This study will also show some recommendation to the management of this organisation. For every organisation employees are most valuable assets of it. The performance of the employees depends on the how the organisation interact with them. Any organisation employees most have good attitude with their managers and in workplace. Employees’ relation in organisation is the management of the work relationships and employment with managers and workers along with customers covering the work practices (Lucas, 1995). But Mars and Mitchill (1979) argue that employee relation with organisation is type of secret and individual contract. He further says that the secrecy is maintained and the considerable proportion of recruitment process is made informal. Although Managers believe this at individual and secret contract works as advantage, it has some draw backs also like, it creates uncertainty and confusion which leads to grievances and high labour turnover. Most of the organisations are established with the large Varity of employees having advance skills, unique experience and motivational pattern. High employee turnover is costly as well as highly inconvenient when providing the quality service and quality product (Tracey, 2000).He also added that poor supervisory also creates the problem. Therefore, it is the duty of manager to establish the good coordination and relation among the employees and their performance. In the same way the development of productive work environment makes the employees relation as well as administration to compensation and benefits programs. It is also concern with the conflict solving (Tesone, 2008). Whenever the employees’ performance problem is to be solved it is very important to determine the job performance standard against the formal action of the individual. Therefore, the individual managers and line supervisors are responsible for performing as a good employees relation function so that quality relation among all employees can be maintained.
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Similarly, to solve the employees’ performance problem coaching, counselling employee and corrective interview are the three effective tools which are followed by managers and supervisors. These three techniques may reduce the employees’ turnover by motivating them for higher level of performance in their work place. Employees are satisfied with their job and employee having self-esteem will have more
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Reort - Chapter One INTRODUCTION 1.0 Background of the...

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