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To whom it may concern: After coming to live in our new suburban community, I have begun to notice that many of the citizens of our tight knit community have begun to show signs and symptoms of disturbingly similar illnesses. I am deeply worried that the medical problems are avoidable but overlooked by both the community and officials. Also if this problem is caused by outside and unnatural causes is it not logical to think that our kids might also face the same problems. I feel that it is the responsibility of our community to look into a solution to this problem. I have looked into many possible causes to the trouble we are now and have found that the local gas company not only cut corners in the planning and construction of our community, but they might have also knowingly and willingly broke many safety and judicial laws. I have looked at public records and found in the public records that in the planning our little community, unsafe and inadequate supplies where used. Some of which are known to cause medical complications such as those seen in our community
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