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Testing a Theory When I was in Chemistry in High School I had to do an experiment on which brand of shampoo worked best to clean our hair. Between the brands, I had a theory that the Suave brand worked better than the VO5 brand. When we did the research on the brands we found that there was a chemical in the shampoos that strips the dirt from our hair. I also found that depending on how watered down the cleaning solution was in the shampoo would tell us which shampoo worked better. When doing chemical tests I found that my theory was correct because the VO5 brand was more watered down than the Suave. I used many different tests and trial and error to come up with this answer. I believe psychologists often have to use a trial and error method with their patients to see what mental disorders each might have. There are many mental disorders that have
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Unformatted text preview: many of the same symptoms. Growing up my mother always told me she believed I was bipolar. However when I went to see a psychologist, she told me I was not bipolar, I have a disorder called Aspergers syndrome, which is a form of autism. This syndrome has many of the same symptoms as bipolar disorder. I also believe that many psychologists have to run different tests such as chemical imbalance tests one their patients which would be similar to the different chemical tests I had to run on the two shampoo brands. If given the opportunity to do this experiment again I believe I would not change any of the tests and research I worked hard to do. I did a long research paper on this experiment for my High School portfolio and found that many other students found the same results as I did....
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