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COM156 Wk 5 Assignment - Excellence These software programs...

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In order for the author of this piece to revise their piece they must look at the grammatical errors and fix them first. This will help the flow of the piece and make it easier to understand. After this part of the revision they must review their piece to make sure that it sounds correct. The best ways to do this is to either read it aloud or have a peer read it for them or to them. Another way to make this piece better is to do more research on the piece. The author keeps point out what makes The Dark Knight different and unique from “other comic book movies”, however they do not show how other comic book movies are in contrast to The Dark Knight. The main way Andy Axia Student could have avoided plagiarism in his piece was to use the software provided by The University of Phoenix Center for Writing
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Unformatted text preview: Excellence. These software programs are ones such as the Plagiarism Checker or WritePoint. The Plagiarism Checker would review the piece and give a report on the percentage of the piece. This will show were the author needs to site his references and show where he he found his research. WritePoint would help with the author needs to edit and revise his piece. WritePoint shows the grammatical errors and gives suggestions on how to revise the piece. With this information, Andy will be able to make his piece more understandable and get his point across to his audience. This will convince the audience to watch the movie and find out how good the movie is....
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