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The author of the essay on page 846 was very persuasive. He took into consideration not only that increased the morphine of his patient, but he explained his reasoning for doing so. The woman in his care was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and she was already dying slowly. He only increased her dose of morphine to ease her pain and suffering, however this also hastened her death time. This entire story that he confides shows that he has a personal connection with the topic and that he knows what he is talking about. In his essay he explains why he believes that doctors should not be prosecuted for murder when overdosing their patients to ease their pain and
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Unformatted text preview: suffering as well as shows that he has done research and has personal experiences with the topic. These three things are all good qualities to use to persuade an audience or reader. I actually agree that increasing the dose of medication to ease suffering would be better than have a patient have to suffer from an agonizingly painful death from any type of disease. Honestly, if I knew I was going to die from the disease or illness, I would rather die peacefully surround by family and friends rather than die from severe pain an agony....
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