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HUM1776 Wk 5 Assignment - Burlesque Everyone at some point...

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Burlesque Everyone at some point in their life wants to be famous. They want to go to New York City or to Los Angeles and become a movie star or singer and dancer. Many movies portray this desire that many people have, but the most recent I have found to be Burlesque featuring Christina Aguilera and Cher. This movie goes into the life of a girl who wants to make it in LA and become famous and shows her rise to fame as a singer and dancer in a club called Burlesque, where girls lip sync popular songs from singers like Marilyn Monroe and Bette Midler. In this movie we see musical culture through the years as well as many things that go on in our society in present times such as crime, pregnancy, and love. In this movie Alice Rose (Christina Aguilera), or Ali, quits her job in Iowa to move to LA and become a singer. She gets an apartment and gets a job initially as a waitress at Burlesque. One night she comes back to her apartment to find it had been broken into and all of her money and valuables had been stolen. Burglary is a rising crime in
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