Accounting 101- Syllabus -Summer 2011(2)

Accounting 101- Syllabus -Summer 2011(2) - Course Syllabus...

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Course Syllabus Summer Semester 2011 School of Business and Information Systems Program Name: Accounting Course Name: Introductory Financial Accounting Course Number: ACC101-229 Credits: 3 Instructor’s Name: Ralph Peterson Campus E-mail: [email protected] Catalog Description: Introduces financial accounting and financial reporting for business entities. Covers terms, concepts and systems, and includes the accounting cycle, merchandise accounting and financial statement analysis. Prerequisites/Co-Requisites : None Current Textbooks, Materials, Equipment (software/hardware requirements): Financial Accounting Fundamentals , 2009 Edition by Wild; McGraw-Hill Irwin; check with the bookstore for the ISBN. General Information For information on FERPA, Cheating and Plagiarism, Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes and Student Code of Conduct, please refer to the appropriate section of the current Owens Community College Catalog online. Page 1 Rev. August 12, 2008
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Course Outcomes: 1. An understanding of the logic behind the accounting equation. 2. Ability to perform the process of the accounting cycle. Student Learning Outcomes: 1. Understand the broad role that accounting information plays in the economy. 2. Understand the nature, purpose and use of financial statements for making business decisions. 3. Ability to use the language of accounting and apply the important concepts on which financial reporting is based. 4. Appreciation of general business concepts and processes. 5. Ability to analyze the impact of basic business transactions on the financial statements of a business corporation. 6. Ability to construct basic financial statements for a simple corporate business entity. 7.
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Accounting 101- Syllabus -Summer 2011(2) - Course Syllabus...

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