Rich Pugh Final Project Unit 9

Rich Pugh Final Project Unit 9 - Virtual Time Capsule 1...

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Virtual Time Capsule 1 Virtual Time Capsule HU300-28: Art and Humanities: Twentieth Century and Beyond Daniel Smith
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Virtual Time Capsule 2 I am a 39 year old male currently going to school for my bachelors in accounting. I spend the beginning of my day going to work at a pizzeria. There I prep food for the day and cook for the lunch crowd. After work, I usually come home and prop up my feet and relax watching television or cruise the internet. Then I start to work on any homework or reading I may have for my classes. Some of my activities outside of school are sports and any activity that gets me outside. During the summer months, I enjoy golfing, biking, and any other activities that get me outside. As fall approaches, football season starts and I enjoy watching both college and professional football. During the winter months as football winds down, I enjoy watching professional hockey. I feel at the present time we are a technologically advanced society. Many advances have been made in the past 20 years. Only 20 years ago a cell phone was virtually unknown and now it seems everyone from 8 to 80 has one. Cell phones can be used for much more than their original purpose. From texting to Facebooking and looking up current sports scores, the cell phone has became a very powerful tool in our everyday lives. My dreams of the future are to secure a good career in the accounting field for myself. As a culture, I would like to see us invent and use greener sources of energy such as wind, water, and solar energy. Through the use of these sources, we can leave the earth as we found it and future generations can enjoy it as we have today. I believe these
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Rich Pugh Final Project Unit 9 - Virtual Time Capsule 1...

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