Rich Pugh Unit 3 project - Birdwatcher 1 John O'Donnell...

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Birdwatcher 1 John O’Donnell Stadium and Birdwatcher HU300-28: Art and Humanities: Twentieth Century and Beyond Daniel Smith
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Birdwatcher 2 Part 1 The example of architecture I found was a baseball stadium in my local region. The name of the stadium is John O’Donnell Stadium, now called Modern Woodmen Park. It opened in 1931 and has been renovated since then but the external shell remained untouched. This is a brick stadium that has thirteen archways stretching around the entire front entrance. From the outside you can see the box seats all located all around the top of the structure. From inside the stadium, there is a beautiful view of the Mississippi River and the Centennial Bridge that crosses it. This structure represents early 1900’s architecture with a modern spin on the internal portion of it. Its function is to bring people together for Americas greatest past time. Part 2 I chose a sculpture for my element of art. The sculpture is Birdwatcher by Isabel Bloom. I would consider Isabel Bloom sculptures as postmodern sculptures. Her
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Rich Pugh Unit 3 project - Birdwatcher 1 John O'Donnell...

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