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Rich Pugh Unit 10 writing assignment

Rich Pugh Unit 10 writing assignment - I feel that...

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Understanding leases and how they affect both the Lessee and Lessor are an important concept to understand in today’s world. More people are going to leasing buildings, cars, and equipment rather than having the problems of owning them. Knowing that the lease you are getting for yourself or the company you work for is financially the best and meets the needs required is essential to making the Lessee and Lessor happy with the arrangement. The earnings per a share section has helped me understand the measuring of a company’s performance. The earnings per a share tell users evaluating a company the possible return on investment and the risk involved in the company. Looking at a company’s trends from past earnings per a share can tell us how a company is performing on the market. Another useful tool related to EPS is cash flow per a share. Although that is prohibited, EPS can be a long run indicator of this and be useful in the evaluation of the company.
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Unformatted text preview: I feel that accounting for pension was of the more interesting chapters that we covered over the ten week term. This chapter discusses defined benefit plans and defined contribution plans. Understanding the difference between these two plans is helpful in anyone understanding what they need to do to retire in the way they want. This has helped me understand what to look for when I enter the working world and am looking to understand what they are offering in terms of post-retirement benefits. Understanding these types of pension plans tells me how much I need to put into a retirement fund in order to have a certain amount to retire on. This not only tells me what I can gain out of the retirement plan, it also tells me what the company I am working for can afford to pay out in pension and contribution funds. Being able to understand these finances of a business is important to the company’s demise or continuance in the market....
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Rich Pugh Unit 10 writing assignment - I feel that...

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