XCOM 285 Week 1 CheckPoint TechnologyGÇôTrendy Communication

XCOM 285 Week 1 CheckPoint TechnologyGÇôTrendy Communication

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I think businesses are becoming more and more attuned to the possibilities offered by technology. Businesses are looking to save time and money, especially in the current economic times, and technology offers many efficient, cost-saving opportunities. My own employer no longer approves travel on a general basis. Instead of flying participants across the country, meetings are held through web conferences. Participants dial into a conference call and log onto a web conference so they can view the presentation materials. The company has also employed the use of an intercompany instant messenger communicator. This has become a very useful tool as it allows for instant communication, even within groups.
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Unformatted text preview: It alleviates a lot of long distance phone calls. It even allows for more efficient communication between departments in response to a customer’s inquiry on the phone. Customers really seem to like that we have the ability to resolve situations quickly and efficiently. I know that, even as open-minded as my employer is, there are many more technological opportunities that could be taken advantage of to improve communications. I am sure that even small businesses are beginning to explore the opportunities afforded through developing technologies. It will be crucial to any size company to take advantage of the efficiency and cost-savings afforded through technology...
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