XCOM 285 Week 2 Discussion Question 1

XCOM 285 Week 2 Discussion Question 1 - communication style...

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Think about someone in your workplace whom you consider to be an effective communicator. What about this person's communication style causes you to think this? Debbie, my supervisor, is an excellent communicator. Regardless of whether she is speaking orally or in writing, or whether she is speaking to a group or a person, she gets her point across, she is calm, she is effective, she is well understood, she is not overbearing or derogatory (even when criticizing), and she is always respectful in tone and in the words she uses. Debbie manages to also be brief in her communication and to be very personable, even when providing negative information or feedback. I am amazed at how wonderful she is as a supervisor and her
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Unformatted text preview: communication style is a very significant part of how terrific she is at her job, in working with others, and in supervising others. What characteristics does this person have that causes him or her to be effective? Debbie has many characteristics that cause her to be this effective. The key ones that I believe she has, however, are her patience, her understanding of what she wants to accomplish with her communication, and her understanding of how well, or how poorly others can accept her message. I believe she tailors her message, her communication style, and her presentation of her communication to suit the individual who is receiving it....
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