XCOM 285 Week 4 Discussion Question 2

XCOM 285 Week 4 Discussion Question 2 - hand and stay away...

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The three examples of bias in business writing would be using Gender, Race, and Sexuality. In order to reduce bias in business writing would be to use bias-free language in which that it removes those labels’. Gender When writing about gender groups’ use, he/him/his, are the proper pronouns for an individual. The same goes for groups of women the pronouns she/her/hers. Race When using racial ethnic terms always be aware that you may have used the terms for many years not knowing it to be inaccurate or even offensive to certain individuals. Sexuality When using sexuality to define a term is proper not describing a person. Such as, He is gay can be found offensive therefore it is not necessary when describing someone leave out offensive labels. When in business writing remember to keep the details accurate and do not use language that will offend the reader. Ensure the information provides accurate knowledge of the topic at
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Unformatted text preview: hand and stay away from bias language such as, gender, race, and sexuality labels. Therefore, labeling is not necessary in business writing no benefit comes from it. What is a bias-related incident? “Similar to hate crimes, bias incidents are non-criminal activities that harm another because of that person’s membership in a classification, such as race, color, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, age or religion”. What are some examples of bias-related incidents? “Depending on the totality of the circumstances, writing a racial epithet in erasable marker on someone’s dry-erase board, making fun of another person because of his or her language or accent, or making insulting comments about someone’s traditional manner of dress or geographic origin is hypothetical examples of a bias-related incident”....
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XCOM 285 Week 4 Discussion Question 2 - hand and stay away...

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