XCOM 285 Week 6 Discussion Question 1

XCOM 285 Week 6 Discussion Question 1 - makes sure that the...

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I think the three most important points a group of people must keep in mind when working  collaboratively on a writing project are planning the work and the document, editing and  proofreading the document, and making the group process work. I think planning the work and  the document is important when working collaboratively on a writing project because this is  where the group makes an analysis of the problem, audience, context, and purposes explicit so  you know where you agree and where you disagree. Editing and proofreading the document is  probably the most important point when working collaboratively on a writing project because this 
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Unformatted text preview: makes sure that the tone is correct, no inappropriate material, and no spelling errors so the document looks presentable. I know that if I did not proofread and edit my documents there would be a few mistakes so I make sure I look over a document every time before I present it. The third important point in working collaboratively on a writing project is making the group process work because this is where your group discusses the problem and solutions that you are presenting in the document. Every person in the group will think differently so there will be many different ideas....
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