XCOM 285 Week 6 Discussion Question 2

XCOM 285 Week 6 Discussion Question 2 - you about the last...

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Some tasks or messages that must be completed through individual communication are  personal information, disciplinary actions, and private information.  For example, if I was signing  up for a new job I would do it as a group with others watching.  This is my personal information  only for the manager.  If I'm in trouble at work I wouldn't want to get written up in front of  everyone.  That should be done in the office.  And private information could be someone telling 
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Unformatted text preview: you about the last position available for a new job. You don't want everyone to know about it. Some tasks or messages that must be completed through group communication is like what my Post Master does all the time. We all get into a circle and he tells us about safety on the job, while we're driving, and also while we're delivering the mail. This concerns everyone who works there...
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