XCOM 285 Week 8 Discussion Question 2

XCOM 285 Week 8 Discussion Question 2 - people use...

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The communication privacy policies such as the use of e-mails are basically common sense. They are no inappropriate and unprofessional comments via the company system. The use of common sense isn’t often used. One day a fellow team member was release based on his correspondence with another team member. That’s when we discovered even personal emails are being read daily. In the reading this would falls under inescapable consequence of employee via e-mail or internet (2006, April). The content of the messages were sexually explicit. Is this ethical, it’s base again upon their established relationship. I feel it wasn’t, those two were terrible together and someone looking at it from the outside I understood their point of view. I just wish they were warned instead of being released. Our phone policies have a lot of leeway. Many
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Unformatted text preview: people use profanity and it’s welcomed. I don’t feel this is ethnical at all. I don’t use profanity and I have to listen to it all day long. While reading, companies policies are structure to keep employees in line and offer you a sense of security. I really feel that ethics basics and ethics second and third module if it was applicable in my workplace. This will change my field altogether, for the better. The second module would enrich our work environment. “ One approach to understanding ethics is utilitarianism, Which holds that ethical decisions are based on what will create the greatest good for the greatest number of people” (Alger, G). What a positive solution....
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