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Capstone DQ The most important concepts learned in this course were about roles of different organizational departments within the company and the way Information Resources improve their productivity. Our discussions helped to broaden my views and better understand that different businesses need different information resources, and how important it is to be familiar and knowledgeable about Information Technology and Systems. E-business associated with IS is another very important concept, and I think it was crucial to understand its basics because in order to grow big in the modern world the
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Unformatted text preview: company must be on the top of technology and innovation. I also leaned about many advantages that IT gives in decision making; moreover, often IT is a question of surviving and ability to compete. In our reading material we had many examples of how IT and IS helped companies to prosper and grow. For my further studies I will use these concepts in preparing projects and works; I am sure that being familiar with Information Technology is appreciated in these days. The same would be in the future career, whatever it will be....
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