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Week8 CheckPoint - CheckPoint Web 2.0 Review Section 5.2 in...

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CheckPoint: Web 2.0 Review Section 5.2 in the text. Write a paragraph of at least 200 words addressing the following: How would you describe Web 2. 0 to someone who has not taken a course in IS? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Web 2.0? How has Web 2.0 impacted business? Format your paragraph according to APA guidelines. I think before describing what the Web 2.0 is, it would good clarify what is the Web 1.0. According to Rainer and Turban (2009), Web 1.0 is ‘the first generation of the Web’, in which the main accent was on ‘creation of the Websites and the commercialization of the Web’; communication usually minimized and the process is overall passive. So the Web 2.0 (the other names are Live Web or the Next Web) is the next stage, in which web-sites use many different applications and information technologies. Interaction plays significant role here because participants actively engage in communication; according to this
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