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Week7 DQ1 Our reading chapter defines the three tenets of a code of ethics as follows: responsibility as a recognition of possible outcomes for decisions and deeds. accountability as a recognition of those who responsible performed decisions and deeds. liability as a recognition of rights against those who performed wrong or harmful decisions and actions. With widespread implementing of information systems raise according ethical issues and problems, and same as in real life not everything what is technically legal is actually ethical. I think one of the widest problem is sharing or selling the information, personal and sensitive in particular. It is amazing how much and in what details can be found and purchased, in the long rub it is just the matter of 'how much'. I think to avoid ethical problems a business should have clear and uncompromising code of ethics in first place, so that the person will not be disappointed deciding what is allowed and what is not. Also some basic rules should be practiced to avoid any
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