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CheckPoint: Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Review Section 10.3 in the text. Write a 200-word paragraph outlining the phases of SDLC and identifying the different personnel that participate in this process. SDLC is an abbreviation for system development life cycle and is a process of creating systems that are usually implemented for big organizations. System development ‘life cycle’ has eight phases followed one after the other: investigation, analysis, design, programming, testing, implementation, operation, and maintenance. In the first stage the system development professionals are those who perform feasibility analysis in which they decide whether to leave or modify existing program or develop a new one. System analysis stage speaks for itself- specialists carefully examine system to gather as much details as possible using ‘user requirements’ method, in which users identify needed improvements. Designing system specifies how all goals will be met and it includes two stages: logical design
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Unformatted text preview: and physical design, in which the first describes what it will do and the second describes how it will be achieved. During programming developers imply practical specifications for the system functionality and programmers translate them in computer languages, so it becomes a computer program. Testing intends to check if the computer codes function properly and to find any errors in them. Implementation is the phase in which an old system is replaces with the new one; it has three main versions where in direct (and risky one) the old system is cut of and the new launched, in pilot the new system begins to work in a certain area first, and in phased two systems are combined gradually launching new components. In operation phase companys employees practically use and test new implemented system, while in maintenance developers may update the system for new changes and endlessly debug it....
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