Week6 Assignment - IT STATUS OF CLUB IT 1 IT Status of Club...

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IT STATUS OF CLUB IT IT Status of Club IT. imlucky Axia College of University of Phoenix Business Information Systems 219 1
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IT STATUS OF CLUB IT Club IT is a modern nightclub that appears to be very perspective and profitable business, with its vigorous interior design, physical and information resources, and organizational systems that all together strive for achieving club’s mission. However, same as practically in any other business, Club IT has certain issues in business areas like resources, customers, and supply chain and requires orderly analysis of its information technology status with according agile project development implementation in this case. Before identifying problems and performing analysis of the issues, I think it should be helpful to explain and elaborate on what agile development methodology is, and how it can be practically applied in club’s information technology development. According to Rainer and Turban (2009) , ‘Agile development is a software development methodology that delivers functionality in rapid iterations—measured in weeks—requiring frequent communication, development, testing, and delivery.’ I think that in case with Club IT this kind of development should be the most effective and time-saving because it concentrates on reaching the goal within a short period and requires almost daily communication with the parties who will be involved in
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Week6 Assignment - IT STATUS OF CLUB IT 1 IT Status of Club...

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