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Week5 DQ 1,2 - DQ1 From reading chapter 9 we learned...

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DQ1 From reading chapter 9 we learned that 'Management is a process by which organizational goals are achieved through the use of resources (people, money, energy, materials, space, and time) (page 264). Therefore, the main responsibilities of managers are to achieve these goals effectively. In particular, managers have to choose the right resources, to set well-defined goals, and to distinguish and explain correct ways how to meet those goals. Another very important task is creating friendly and ethical environment, so that goals will be achieved legally and without harms for all parties involved. Using IT support in business decision-making gives powerful advantages for managers; such as wider selection of options to choose from (try searching something in the library or try googling it, but it can be a disadvantage as well), provides selection in shorter time (years ago fingerprint matching could takes weeks, now results are instant), sometimes provides more detailed information, and the list goes on. .. DQ2
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