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Week 3 Participation 10.0 10.0 Comment: Your participation this week was excellent! Your comments were detailed and contributed well to the discussion in class. Discussion Questions 10.0 10.0 Comment: Well done, your DQ replies were on time and answered the questions well. You provided all the required information in details. CheckPoint: Online Auction 30.0 30.0 Comment: Content * Describes how eBay works * Describes advantages and disadvantages to small-scale and large-scale sellers * Explains reasoning for choosing to use, or not use, eBay in an electronic
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Unformatted text preview: retail business 20 pts 20/20 Development & Organization * References, if used, are properly cited * Format is logical and understandable 5 pts 5/5 Mechanics * Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed, and spelling is correct * At least 200 words 5 pts 5/5 Good work. You answered all the questions well and provided a good reasoning for your decisions. Week 3 Subtotal : 50 50 Cumulative Week 3 Subtotal : 230 230 Week 3 Feedback:...
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