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University of Florida EEL 3111 Dr. Eric M. Schwartz Electrical and Computer Engineering Revision 0 14-May-10 EEL 3111C: Lab Rules & Policies 1. No food, drinks or smoking in the lab. 2. Grades for each laboratory are based predominantly on the following components: pre-lab , quiz, in-lab results, post-lab. 3. The lab document, after discussing the lab objects, will contain a brief review of the relevant theory involved in the laboratory. In general, the material will have been previously covered in class. The pre-lab work will consists of answers to questions, analysis of given circuits, or designs of proposed circuits. 4. Pre-labs are due at the BEGINNING of lab. Printed pre-labs are required, i.e., media copies are sometimes necessary, but NOT sufficient. Students will not be allowed into lab unless they have submitted their pre-labs. Pre-labs must be submitted during the first 5 minutes of entry into the lab. Students who fail to submit a completed Pre-Lab will be denied entry to the lab room (and earn a zero for that lab). 5. There will be a quiz at the beginning of each laboratory. Each quiz will have a fixed time duration.
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