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University of Florida EEL 3111 Drs. E. M. Schwartz & R. Srivastava Electrical and Computer Engineering Revision 0 14-May-10 EEL 3111C: Safety Although unlikely, it is possible to become injured in this laboratory. Emergency contacts by phone are 911. The phone number for the Emergency Room at Shands Hospital is 395-0050. On some university phones it may be necessary to dial 9 first. Although there is no phone in this laboratory, a phone is available in NEB288 and most students and TAs have cell phones. Also, each office has a phone. When working in any electrical laboratory, always keep electrical safety in mind. Following are some safety rules that each student should be aware of before beginning a laboratory experiment. Some of the rules do not apply to this laboratory, but to other electrical laboratories. 1. Never work totally alone in this or any laboratory. Someone else (in our case, the laboratory TA), should be present in the case of an emergency. 2.
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