Syl_u11 - University of Florida Department of Electrical Computer Engineering EEL 3111-Summer 2011 Dr Eric M Schwartz 7-Jun-11 SYLLABUS Revision 3

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University of Florida EEL 3111—Summer 2011 Dr. Eric M. Schwartz SYLLABUS 7-Jun-11 Page 1/8 Revision 3 Exam Schedule EXAM DATE TIME LOCATION Exam 1 Thur, 2 June Tues, 7 June 9:30 am In Class Exam 2 Tues, 5 July 9:30 am In Class Exam 3 Thur, 26 Jul 9:30 am In Class Exam 4 Thur, 4 Aug 9:30 am In Class TA name Ode Ojowu office hours Tues 5-6:30pm; Wed 3-5pm; Thur 3:30-5pm e-mail [email protected] EEL 3111C: CIRCUITS 1 INSTRUCTOR Dr. Eric M. Schwartz MAEB 321 392-2541 [email protected] Office Hours: Mon 2:00-3:30pm, Wed 3-4pm, Thur 1-1:40pm LECTURES nd – 3 rd (9:30am-12:15pm, NEB 101) with Dr. Schwartz LAB SECTIONS (NEB 250) REQIRED TEXTBOOK ( Share, Borrow, Buy, or Rent one of the below. See website for more info) James W. Nilsson and Susan Riedel, Electric Circuits , 9 th Edition, 2011, Prentice Hall, Boston. ISBN-10: 0-13-611499-7, ISBN-13: 978-0-13-611499-4. PRE- OR CO-REQUISITES Pre: PHY 2049 (Physics with Calc 2), MAC 2313 (Analytic Geometry & Calc 3); Co: MAP 2302 (Differential Equations) REFERENCES Many authors & editions: Schaum's … Electric Circuits. Many other electronic circuit analysis textbooks are available at the Marston Science Library for checkout. COURSE OBJECTIVES (ABET: 4 credits of Engineering Design) [Lab fee: $33.16] To obtain proficiency in the basic analysis techniques for both DC and AC electric circuits and to become skilled in the use of a (Spice) circuit analysis program. (ABET: The topics in this course are part of the fundamental theory of electrical engineering and provide depth in the analysis, design, and implementation skills in those areas of electrical engineering needed to solve problems in the domain of electrical engineering.) TA OFFICE HOURS You may go to any TA available (in NEB 250), not just the one teaching your lab section. The instructor will hold office hours (posted above and on our web page) or by appointment. You are encouraged to use e-mail to communicate with the instructor and TAs. CLASS WEB SITE ( ) Various information including the following may be posted on our class web site: periodic postings of the class grade book (without names), class examples, homework assignments, lab assignments and handouts, previous semester exams, class notes (available for a limited time only—get them while you can), and other helpful information. Selected class materials will also be available on our class web site. CLASS ATTENDANCE AND BEHAVIOR Class attendance is not mandatory, but all classes are important. Missing a class may be hazardous to your grade. There will be pop (unannounced) quizzes and possibly schedule quizzes. A missed quiz cannot be made up. (See Course Requirements below for policy on missed quizzes.) If you miss a class, you are responsible to find out what occurred in that class, e.g., a homework or reading assignment or an exam date changed. Please arrive to class on time (especially if homework is due).
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Syl_u11 - University of Florida Department of Electrical Computer Engineering EEL 3111-Summer 2011 Dr Eric M Schwartz 7-Jun-11 SYLLABUS Revision 3

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