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Unformatted text preview: 1-Nov-10--1:10 PM Exam 2 Info EEL 3701 EEL 3701 Second Exam 120 minutes Questions require understanding Questions deal with "real stuff" Relevant topics include: > Class material through Thur 25 Mar Thur, Mar, > Lecture 23 Lab 7 (& 8) HW 8 Exam Tuesday Night! Night! University of Florida, EEL 3701 File ?? Dr. Schwartz > IC Characteristics > FFs, Registers (storage and shift), Adders, Counters (74'163) > ALUs (labs 4 and 6 [and 8]) > Timing, control words > Counters and other simple State Machines g > Switch debouncing > Timing diagrams > Asynchronous versus synchronous > Memory (with expansion) > Conditional and unconditional outputs > ASM charts (sync/async outputs) > Implementation with and without ROM > Implementation with D-FF's and other FF's > VHDL 1 University of Florida, EEL 3701 File #Exam 2 Info Dr Eric M. Schwartz 1 ...
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