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University of Florida EEL 4744 Fall 1997 Drs. E. Schwartz & A. Arroyo Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering 16 October 1997 Professors in ECE Exam #1 2-Sep-98 5:41 PM Page 1/10 ______________ , __________ Last Name , First Name Instructions: Show all work on the front of the test papers. If you need more room, make a clearly indicated note on the front of the page, "MORE ON BACK", and use the back. The back of the page will not be graded without an indication on the front. You may use the your Programming Reference Guide (Bible). You may not use any notes, homework, labs, other books, or calculators. Put your name at the top of each test page and be sure your exam consists of 10 distinct pages. The space provided does NOT necessarily represent the amount of writing necessary. You must pledge and sign this page in order for a grade to be assigned. In programs, the use of comments results in more partial credit. Read each question carefully and follow the instructions . This exam counts for 20% of your total grade. Unless otherwise stated assume the following: The oscillator frequency is precisely 8MHz. The code should run on a MC68HC11E9 with 64k of external RAM and without BUFFALO. You may assume all internal register equates (at $1000–$103F, e.g., PORTB EQU $1004 or PORTB EQU $0004—all of the former or all of the later) and bit equates (e.g., BIT0 EQU %00000001, INV7 EQU %01111111) are already done PLEDGE: On my honor as a University of Florida student, I certify that I have neither given nor received any aid on this examination, nor I have seen anyone else do so. ______________________ ________________________________ ___________ PRINT YOUR NAME SIGN YOUR NAME DATE Mnemonic Boolean Expression BCLR (M) mm ° (M) BRCLR ? (M) mm = 0 BRSET ? (M) mm = 0 COMMENTS, FEEDBACK, or any special instructions for the professor: Page Available Pts 1 0 0 2 7 3 7 4 10 5 30 6 8 7 12 8 8 9 8 10 9 TOTAL 100 Good luck! While you are waiting for the exam to begin, please fix the following in the bible you have in front of you:
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