ex2_s10 - EEL 4744C Dr. Gugel Last...

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Unformatted text preview: EEL 4744C Dr. Gugel Last Name______________________________ First Name ______________ Spring 2010 Exam #2 UFID#__________________________________________ Open book and open notes, 90-minute examination to be done in pencil. No electronic devices are permitted. All work and solutions are to be written on the exam where appropriate. Point System (for instructor and TA use only) Page 2 22 points _________________ Page 3 26 points _________________ Page 4 18 points _________________ Page 5 14 points _________________ Page 6 12 points _________________ Page 7 6 points _________________ TOTAL _________________ out of 100 Grade Review Information: ( NOTE: deadline of request for grade review is the day the exam is returned .) Page 2 Page Score = 1. A student has taken the 15 MHz crystal off their board and replaced it with a 25 MHz crystal to increase the processing speed of the DSP. Assuming that pre-scale register has been set to 4 for Timer 1, what should the period register value be set to for a 0.1 sec interrupt period? Show the value as a decimal number . (4 pt.) Show all calculations below. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Name two types of volatile memory. (2 pt.) _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. A new DSP has been released from TI called the TMS320C28336. It is essentially the same DSP except that no TSET and TCLR instructions are available. Write the code below to set only Bit5 high in TIMER1TCR and Bit15 low in this register. i.e. write code to perform TSET @TIMER1TCR,#5 and TCLR @TIMER1TCR,#15 using some other available DSP instructions. The shortest working code will receive the most points. (6 pts.) TIMER1TCR .SET 0x0C0C MOV DP,0xC00>>6 ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 4. A student would like to build a new DSP board that contains a 16 bit input port and a 16 bit output port. If CS6 and R/- W are only used in the decode circuitry for the new external I/O port, how many images of the port will exist in the DSP memory map? (2 pt.) _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Similarly, the student would like to add a 256Kx16 SRAM in Zone 7. if CS7 is directly connected to the chip enable of the 256Kx16 SRAM, how many images of the SRAM will exist in the memory map? (2 pt.) _________________________________________________________________________________________________...
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ex2_s10 - EEL 4744C Dr. Gugel Last...

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