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Unformatted text preview: HeaderDefini+ons AccesstoDSPGPIOPins (GeneralPurposeI/O) AccesstoDSPAddressbus andcontrolbus AccesstoDSPDatabus andgroundpins HeaderDefini+ons(con+nued) AccesstoDSPAnalogtoDigitalConverter(ADC) CPLDJTAGfor programmingan Altera EPM3064ALC4410 CPLDifpopulated AccesstoCPLDpins(actualEPM3064ALC44pinnumber) JumperDefini+ons ThisposiKonused whenpoweringusing ExtPwr(+5V)Header ThisposiKonused whenpoweringfrom XDS100USB ThisposiKonused whenpoweringfrom DSPUARTUSB JumpersbetweenDSPsignals andhardwiredCPLDpins ...
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