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University of Florida EEL 4744 – Spring 2011 Dr. Eric M. Schwartz Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept. Revision 3 Matt Emigh, TA Page 1/2 Lab 1: Programming the GCPU 26-Jan-11 OBJECTIVES In this lab you will review the GCPU, a good example of a simple instruction set processor. You will gain practice in both programming a microprocessor and understanding the timing in the execution of an instructions set (through a timing simulation). You will also re-learn the process of converting an assembly language program into machine code. REQUIRED MATERIALS GCPU Documentation o Lab on GCPU from 3701 (Fall 2010) o Archived G-CPU Quartus files o GCPU documentation distributed in class (also on the web as Documentation and Design Files ) Read/save the following document: o Pre-laboratory Report Guidelines o Create an ASM CCS Project ex0.asm, KG_RAM_Link1.cmd o SPRU430E – the F28335 CPU and instruction set guide PRELAB REQUIREMENTS It is required that you make a flowchart or write pseudo- code before writing any program in this course. This will help you formulate a plan of attack for the code. PART A. SIMULATING PROGRAM FROM 3701 - Complete part A from the 3701 Lab 9 document (from fall 2010) using the G-CPU assembly language. PART B. ANOTHER GCPU PROGRAM Write a program, using the G-CPU assembly language, to filter data from an array in memory and to copy that data to a specified memory location. Your program can
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lab1_s11_gcpu_program - University of Florida Electrical...

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