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University of Florida EEL 4744 Dr. Gugel Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Page 1/2 9/13/10 - 16:09 A9/P9 Lab #3: Assembly Programming & Elementary Wiring Purpose This lab is an exercise in elementary assembly programming and basic wiring. It requires students to write short assembly program and wire an LED display & switches to the F28335. If you do not have your F28335 development board headers mounted and the board tested, do so at an earlier lab to be ready for the hardware added in this lab. Part I. Program Description A student has stored exam grades as ASCII characters in memory. i.e. A,B,C or D no pluses and minus grades). You job is to count the number of grades for each type A thru D. Assume a null end of string character is used to denote the end of grade memory. 1. Your TA will give you the starting vector address in lab. It should be denoted as grade_addr in your program and an equate (.set) statement should be used at the top of your program to set where this vector will be placed in memory. 2. Run your program to count the number of A thru D grades. Store the results at addresses given to you (by your TA in lab) for variables A_addr , B_Addr , C_addr and D_addr . 3. Since you don’t know how many grades are stored in memory, you should use a loop to update the grade counters and test for the null character (end). You can assume there is one ASCII grade stored at one memory location. 4. As mentioned earlier, your TA will give you all required input/output addresses in lab. Thus you should use assembler .set statements for all constants in your program. You should also use equate .set statements to define origins for the
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lab3_f10 - University of Florida Department of Electrical...

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