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University of Florida EEL 4744 Dr. Gugel Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Page 1/2 Lab #7: LCD Display and Real Time Interrupt (Stop Watch) Purpose In this lab you will add an LCD array to your latch you memory mapped in the last lab. You will then write code to send out your name to this new display. In addition to this hardware/software you will also create an interrupt routine to create a simple stopwatch using the DSP’s Timer Interrupt. Part I. LCD Display A short technical document can be found with this lab that describes how to interface to an LCD array. 1. Consult the attached LCD document for pin-out information and an example circuit. Instead of connecting the LCD directly to the DSP’s data bus, you will interface it to the output of your 574 latch as follows: 574 LCD Q7 => R/-W Q6 => RS Q5 => E Q3:0 => DB7:4 Note: You should have grounded /OE on the 574 in a previous lab. 2. We will create a synthetic write cycle by setting the pins appropriately on the 74HC574. This will be discussed further in class and you should look at the online documentation for timing diagrams for the LCD read & write cycles. 3. The LCD will be used in 4 bit mode but automatically powers up in 8 bit mode. See the 4 bit mode initialization details in the documentation on our website. The synthetic bus cycle is used to write every command and data nibble. 4. The LCD can be used as a ‘write-only’ device where a
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lab7_f10 - University of Florida Department of Electrical...

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