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Dr. Eric M. Schwartz 4744 Parts List -- Spring 2011 07/11/2011 Your name: ___________________________ Description Vendor Part # Vendor Name Qty Got it 0.100 pitch 36x2 Header Digikey 4 0.100 pitch 40x1 Header Digikey 10 10 pin female LCD header Digikey 1 1.2K Res Bussed 10 Pin SIP Digikey 3 470 Res Bussed 10 Pin SIP Digikey 3 10K ohm Thru Hole Res. Digikey 3 10K ohm Thru Hole Pot Digikey 2 1K ohm pull-up Digikey 8 680 ohm current lim Digikey 8 0.1uF Bypass caps Digikey 10 10uF Thru Hole Cap Digikey 2 10 Segment Red LED Bar Digikey 2 4 SPST DIP Switch Digikey 2 74HC574 (DIP) Digikey 2 74HC573 (DIP) Digikey 2 NE5532 Dual Opamp Digikey 1 8 ohm Speaker Digikey 1 Ser D/A TI TLC5615CP DIP Digikey 1 40 KHz IR Detector Digikey 1 Red LED Digikey 8 Jumper Digikey
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Unformatted text preview: 10 256KB SRAM SOIC28 Digikey 1 5V 20x2 LCD BGMicro 1 16 key keypad BGMicro 1 44 pin PLCC socket Digikey 1 3064 PLCC EPM3064ALC44-10 Altera 1 SRAM SOIC Digikey 1 Ser D/A TI TLC5615CP Digikey 1 PCB DSP4744DCL DCL 1 Nylon standoffs Digikey 8 USB A-B cable CableWholesale 1 609-3489-ND A26520-40-ND A24816-ND 4610X-1-122LF-ND 4610X-1-471LF-ND P10.0KCACT-ND D4AA14-ND P1.0KBACT-ND P680BACT-ND BC1154CT-ND P966-ND 160-1066-ND CT2084-ND MM74HC574N-ND MM74HC573N-ND 296-1410-5-ND GF0571-ND 296-3006-5-ND 425-2514-ND 754-1246-ND S9000-ND 428-2001-5-ND LCD1022 SWT1067 AE10057-ND 428-2001-5-ND 296-3006-5-ND 25506K-ND 10U2-02203...
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