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Pre-laboratory Report EEL-4744 Microprocessor Applications Every week which requires a pre-lab you should have the following ready for submission (depend- ing on the Teaching Assistant it must be printed out or turned in via a single PDF). Each lab may have additional items, but these sections should always be included unless not applicable. 1 Sections 1.1 Program Description For each part of the lab, describe its operation. This needs to be as concise as possible and in your own words (only 2 or 3 sentences are needed). 1.2 Flowchart To plan the operation of your software you should always create a flowchart. Each element in a flowchart should correspond to a section of code beginning with a label or a specific function. This should be done before you begin coding. You can always edit it, but trying to create one after the fact is more difficult and unhelpful. For symbols used in making classic flowcharts look at the textbook or see
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Prelab_Guide_V1 - Pre-laboratory Report EEL-4744...

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