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University of Florida EEL 4744—Spring 2011 Dr. Eric. M. Schwartz Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering SYLLABUS 31-Jan-11 Page 1/9 Revision 6 3189 M 9 th -11 th ( DA ). 2058 T 3 rd -5 th ( EM ). 6748 T E1-3 ( BC ). 3276 W E1-3 ( DA ). 1524 R 3 rd -5 th ( EM ). 6012 F 3 rd -5 th ( ME ). 6020 F 7 th -9 th ( ME ). 6483 F 10 th -E1 ( CW ) Grades (Matt) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Quiz (Eric) H W ( C o l i n ) Labs Dam Matt Erick Eric Colin Dam Exam Schedule EXAM DATE TIME LOCATION Exam 1 *Tues, 15 February 6:15pm MAEB 211 Exam 2 *Thurs, 31 March 6:15pm MAEB 211 Exam 3 *Tues, 19 April 6:15pm MAEB 211 *Tentatively scheduled EEL 4744C: MICROPROCESSOR APPLICATIONS INSTRUCTOR Dr. Eric M. Schwartz MAE-B 321 392-2541 Office Hours: Mon per 7; Wed, per 6-7 LECTURES Tues 7 th (1:55-2:45pm), Thur 7 th - 8 th (1:55-3:50pm) NEB 202 LAB SECTIONS (NEB 281) CATALOG DESCRIPTION Elements of microprocessor-based systems; hardware interfacing and software design for their application. Laboratory. COURSE OBJECTIVES ( ABET Design Content 50%) [Lab fee: $166.35] [Other fees: $5.99+tax (Radio Shack)] The student will learn the functional and technological characteristics of microprocessor structures, memory components, peripheral support devices, and interface logic. Through laboratory experiments and textbook examples the student will learn how to integrate and apply microcomputer subsystems and components to common interfacing problems. The TI F28335 DSP will serve as the vehicle for exploring these topics. TEXTBOOKS F. Cady, Microcontrollers and Microcomputers Principles of Software and Hardware Engineering , Second Edition, Oxford University Press, New York, NY, 2009, ISBN13: 9780195371611, ISBN10: 0195371615. REFERENCES Gene H. Miller, Microcomputer Engineering—2 nd edition , Prentice-Hall, New Jersey, 1999. H. Lam & A. Arroyo, Fundamentals of Computer Engineering , Univ. Copy Center, Gainesville, FL 1995. J. Peatman, Design with Microcontrollers , McGraw Hill, New York, 1988. K. Doty, Fundamental Principles of MicroComputer Architecture, Matrix Publishers, Inc., Oregon, 1979. OFFICE HOURS You may go to any TA available, not just the one teaching your lab section. The instructor will hold office hours (as shown above) or by appointment. If you come by at any other time, I reserve the right to say, “I’m busy,” although I rarely say this (even though it’s invariably true). You are encouraged to use e-mail to communicate with the instructor and TAs. MULTIMEDIA CLASS/AUDIENCE NOTES Audience notes are normally from the class web site every week or so for the subsequent week or more of classes. The notes consist of pdf versions of the class PowerPoint slides with some space for note taking. These notes are not required but are highly recommended. Check the class web site for information on exactly when the notes are available. For optimal performance , read the notes and examples for a class before that class and bring the
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syl_s11 - University of Florida Department of Electrical &...

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