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Unformatted text preview: Exam 1 Review MAC 2312 Disclaimer: This review is by no means complete. Please study the homework as well as the lecture notes. These questions should be attempted only after you have completed all the homework assignments. You may need a calculator to solve a couple of these problems, however the exam questions will be choosen in such a way that you do not need a calculator. 1. KNOW the trigonometry formulas like half-angle formulas and the Pythagorean identities. Be familar with Appendix D. 2. Section 6.1 Areas Between Curves. (a) Find the area of the region between the graphs f ( x ) = 3 x 3- x 2- 10 x and g ( x ) =- x 2 + 2 x . (Ans: 24 square units) (b) Sketch the region enclosed by the curves y = sin( πx/ 2) and y = x . Decide whether to integrate with respect to x or to y . Draw a typical approximating rectangle and label its height and width. Then find the area of the region. (Ans: 4 π- 1 square units) 3. Section 6.2 Volume using the Washer or Disk Method....
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