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quiz1B_sol - NAME K E QUIZ 1B DATE 1 30 UFID Please show...

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Unformatted text preview: NAME K E QUIZ 1B DATE: 1; , 30 UFID: Please show all your work. The answers without the solution will not be graded. Sketch the region, the solid and the method that you used. 1. Find the area of region bounded by the curves y = cos(z), y = sin(2a:), a: = 0 and a; = 7r/2. 60$)! sln (97‘) 60560 = sin (2x) 60:00 = a sin (K)co.<(x) “$600 ‘Qflnxl :0 5-;,,x =- i or casx = o x:% of szL 17; 17a A 3f cos(x)- sin (,Qx) J;( + f S-nCQX) -' 60500 Jx WW A. AZ 7/( ) f1 :(smbc) ”46°53" L + (‘ “’33" nnbd) We 2. Using the cylindrical shell method, find the volume of the solid obtained by rotation the reg'on bounded by the y = 32, y = a: about a: = —1. radIUS = X“ lflelg 11+ : X‘Xz +L iokness = 4" [c :rcumperenoe] ‘flgslghfl .[fltckncs‘sj volume “ 3. Use either cylindrical shells or washers to find the volume a right cicular cone with height h and base radius 7‘. Please indicate which method you are using. Maw! 5L6” me‘H’loo, (a, In) Ping/a Nae 4-14va (O, L1) cmo’ (,r’o} MI!“ M=’.A_a= ——£,— S'c y:—_X+L, ...
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