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NAME QUIZ 5A DATE: UFID: Please show all your work. The answers without the solution will not be graded. 1. We will investigate the properties of Gabriel’s Horn . Consider the region R where R = { ( x,y ) | x 1 , 0 y 1 /x } . Let H be the solid formed when R is revolved about the x -axis. (a) Find the volume of H . (b) Find the surface area of H
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Unformatted text preview: . (c) What is so unusual about H ? 2. Find the length of the curve y = x 5 10 + 1 6 x 3 where 1 x 2. 3. (Bonus) Using the Taylor Series expansion of sin( x ), show that sin(1) is irrational, where 1 is in radians. This quiz is due April 8, 2009 at the start of class....
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