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study guide test 1 - Study Guide Unit 1 Jewelry I Industry...

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Study Guide Unit 1: Jewelry I. Industry Categories: Fine - has intrinsic value on its own ($) Bridge - middle spectrum; element that contains precious metal; precious finding; may be made by artisan Costume - Fashion - jumps around; bridge or lower II. Precious Metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum Metals are soft by themselves Need to be alloyed with base metals Pure vs. alloyed (mixed) III. Raw to Final Product: Refinery - prepares metals into ingots (cast bar) to be sold as bars, rolled, sandwiched or extruded Smelting -smelts gold in cupel (earthen wear pot with small openings); gold melts out of strainer and the pure rock is left IV. Molten State: Bars, sheets, wire, scrap that can all be melted and then shaped High heat that makes metal malleable V. Lost Wax Method: Creates mold to mass produce identical design Vessel surrounded by clay/plaster, pour hot molten metal in; left with cavity Investment Casting VI. Plating: Coating of one metal with another Three methods: o Dipping o Bonding- heat and pressure o Electroplating - most common method; electrical process; gold transferred through acid cyanide base VII. Forms of Gold: Rolled Sheet Stock - used for hand cut jewelry and mass produced stampings Thick/thin
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VIII. Stamping: Stampings provide heavy pos/neg Steel Dies- strike flat metal with a lot of pressure; very expensive, costly machinery; reserved for high volume designs
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study guide test 1 - Study Guide Unit 1 Jewelry I Industry...

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