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Name: Mehul Kar world of the arts – take-home exam 1 – visual art Question 1 Choose one of the images in one of the pictorial art slideshows (Painting, Drawing, Printmaking) that is not represented in the textbook, and do a brief formal analysis of the work. Discuss materials and compositional elements. Use the Language of Pictorial Art slideshow for help. The Bolt – Jean-Honore Fragonard This painting is of a young woman and her lover in the confines of an empty bedroom. It seems that that former is trying to stop the latter from pulling the latch on the door. The focus of the painting is on the faces of the individuals, as that area is the most brightly lit. In terms of color, the painting is intensely saturated, giving the painting a quality of harshness. The intense red hues of the draperies only add to the vibrant passion that the artist has intended to create. The saturation serves yet another purpose—to give the scene a soft, silky texture that characterizes a bedroom, and more particularly, a bed intended for lovers. The painting, although on a rectangular canvas, revolves in an elliptical shape. From the arm of the man, around the face of the woman, the eye travels to the draperies, and then, instead of traveling off the left edge, rests on the apple that serves as a corner point. This pause allows the viewer’s eye to catch hold of the fold of the draperies, up the woman’s dress, and again, the attention moves back diagonally
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Visual Art Exam - Name: Mehul Kar world of the arts...

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