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43_Problem chapter 5 - 5.139 CONTINUED\1=1“H"-°n...

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Unformatted text preview: 5.139 CONTINUED \1=1“H"-°n*- =BQ‘BU-fi =.‘.. «5'55 oh; L1“. dv' £3115 5m zu5k'mbr in» $03“) 4 m‘} AL’M‘J It L1“- = w} r amt-51:8" m'regmnuou EH M115 wnu d\P- 'sw and“ u_=("' S H§“£o. dug-61- V‘— — 1‘“:ch :- _s‘u“/D.“u 05E “m: ]1\1m(‘%j- tu‘rfifiL m -i‘n' I 4. _‘_cosnn'_‘ 1.11 l. 'L 2. mafia 4‘1) 1%- ‘5? M = “0.191; m“ —'5'1‘3‘5" Mm... q'V IqucN: qu.4s'sso}m ans-n 03%“ DR anofimbd Epwgut k REGuLLR “(Mr-uh a: new“ \a ms N sun-=5 hWE, THE fik‘afi ELEMENT or vamp-4E A mum EDUCE a: THIcKMES': 61.11am. MY Nun-up. M bl: 9.35%. 13E AREA u: 'm‘. BM-t u: Tue, MAN“) \5 G‘VEB) 31' Ram: '- M3" WHERE mum; see. nu". sum-um. TRIANGLE; “we, 2 _ -~c b- 'h GR 5: “Us— an 5" T“'-"‘- d“ " Aux! d‘1-—k‘h du. ‘ht—‘L Uh-‘flt 31 AN” V I: h EH. (‘5 ‘1‘ ‘5"1- kh“: ‘30'0- "1‘! ‘L 2 szbtk QELDN. {Jung ALSO” 71“: 5.: men 5" km w ‘11“ him-«Emmi! th‘vm new akSLL' 29¢! M4» ‘1}: Align." New... :N- haw. :10 u. n: 532.5% m 5‘: q.“ QUE b / can-tea at: 9.9.9; fl . biz A“: N [i‘bu M111") F m-s't' "are.“ nun $0 TH.“ MEN Rug: {0.) Bonn. GWEN- Due-um! or- A NN‘ gnaw-MM udnwwexmm. sat“. Fm»: LMflov-i ac gamma, WM. \‘REL‘ “flan-‘31“ —— Lo ‘ THE ELEMENT 0: am db. 0:: THE swan. knew \‘a OBTNHE': BY cub-mun. was. SHE-Lk yum-t "run MES PARALLEL 10 THE xu‘ Fume. Now dkt‘mflkR 69‘; w.- ' «1 WHERE r. R 5mg 5.ka s‘quB :mdéme Aug" 119:. sm‘éda- «1231. may I: = “R'- ‘aY MMEVRY I MPH E5 TFRdB mb Iqudk- rte—men“ swam I a“... Emu 281:1}. fig": 'Pgnu-x m; 0F gunman wnu. THKKHESS 1" R=Z$D mm. tick“. Laura-cm at: Tue. came: a: auvmr or La.) THE me 0." “THE. Puma-I 31-0 4 1-D < FDR. Tue CDDRUNBE NILES mow» BELuw. Haw AME 1mm 1%: BOML mm Ha. TREAT“) A5 A mu; we mama. ur- mvrw a: 1-“;me NULL mmmfi Hm THE (ENTKUB 0: THE. “ELL. Fun. Tu: mm:- at we BONL m mm R T" on: Am \5 assumes QR 7w Ram-mm. me an. 65 AM m u‘ “v... Tue» 5 dkmL-tmkuufiflkdm ' meuuufisl Fmsr um 'hlllt mnmemw mnues ...
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