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PROBLEM 10.89 Rod AB is attached to a hinge at A and to two springs, each of constant k . If 50 in., h = 24 in., d = and 160 lb, W = determine the range of values of k for which the equilibrium of the rod is stable in the position shown. Each spring can act in either tension or compression. SOLUTION Have sin cos CB xd yh θ == Potential Energy: 2 1 2 2 Vk x W y  =+   22 sin cos kd Wh Then 2 2 sin cos sin dV kd Wh d θθ =− 2 sin 2 sin kd Wh and 2 2 2 2 cos2 cos dV kd Wh d (1) For equilibrium position 0 = to be stable, we must have
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