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Daniel Schiller ANT 301 Dr. Francis Smiley Test #1 07/15/2007 Question # 1 Of the nations listed on the test as which to compare and contrast I have Chosen the one that I believe most resembles that of the nation that I live in right now. I have had the opportunity to visit Germany briefly six times while en-route and return from Afghanistan while I was serving in the US Army. I did not have much time to observe the social customs much as I was only in Germany for a couple days at a time, but for what time I did spend there I made sure I made the most of exploring my family’s ethnic homeland. As I mentioned briefly Germany is the most similar in structure to the United States if compared with Saudi Arabia, India, or China. I will show how Germany’s customs relate and diverge from our customs here in the United States and how we have gained much of our own culture from it. When we think of Germany one of our first mental images has to be that of the Nazis and their reign of terror and World War II, but this grim speck of Germany’s past overshadows the magnitude of influence and culture that it has given the United States. Of all the settlers who immigrated to the United States some of the most influential have come from Germany. When I think of Germany now I think of one of their most graciously received gifts to the American way of life and that is Beer. Brewers like Miller, Amheiser-Busch, and Coors all brought their crafts to the United States from Germany. And what would beer be without hamburgers, hot dogs and bratwurst, both brought over by the food loving Germans.
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Besides food, beverages and the significant culinary contributions that we Americans and the Germans share, we also share much of the same social and religious beliefs. Of the four nations listed Germany is the only one which is predominantly Christian. Both the United States and Germany’s main religion in Christianity, however the United States may be considered a larger melting pot and vary slightly on the percentages of those who practice specific religions. The biggest difference between the United States and Germany would have to be the difference in language. Although the languages may seem totally foreign many of the words used in the English language have roots in Germanic languages. Another big difference between American and Germans is the issue of work ethic. I found this to be one of the most intriguing aspects seeing as Germans are often thought of as detail oriented and methodical while most Americans need to be fast and produce more. If we look at a typical workday between an American and a German we could see significant differences in their styles. More and more in the American workplace mandatory overtime seems to be the norm and the eight hour day seems like it has been lost forever, while in the German culture workers are expected to leave work when their shift is over and not think that they did not accomplish enough. Often Americans would leave work feeling as they did not accomplish their daily duties, but a German would tell
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test 1 - Daniel Schiller ANT 301 Dr. Francis Smiley Test #1...

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