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PROBLEM 9.105 The moments and product of inertia for an L102 × 76 × 6.4-mm angle cross section with respect to two rectangular axes x and y through C are, respectively, 64 0.166 10 mm x I , 0.453 10 mm y I , and 0 xy I < , with the minimum value of the moment of inertia of the area with respect to any axis through C being min 0.051 10 mm I . Using Mohr’s circle, determine ( a ) the product of inertia xy I of the area, ( b ) the orientation of the principal axes, ( c ) the value of max I . SOLUTION Given: 0.166 10 mm , 0.453 10 mm and 0 xy x y II I = ×= × < Note: A review of a table of rolled-steel shapes reveals that the given values of x I and y I are obtained when
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